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The original season that pushes the boundaries
of what is possible with your needles.

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Hannah Fettig

Wearable Knits

  • How to map your project! Hannah shares the importance of using a schematic and how to read one before you begin.
  • To care for your knits and show them a little TLC
  • How to simplify your stash to make best use of what you have on hand.
  • Hannah's recommendations for choosing the right tool for the job.
  • The essential skills to creating a whole garment, from creating a swatch to blocking, to weaving in ends.

Stephen West

Westknits Bestknits

  • “Shortcut Rows” – Steven’s no-fail recipe for seamless short rows without the gaps!
  • I-cord cast on and bind off – add beauty to your edges
  • Level-up your project with Modular Magic for adding new colors and direction changes
  • Brioche anyone? Steven demystifies this sometimes-tricky technique and gives you confidence to try it
  • Steven’s famous “Random Party Tricks.” Weaving in ends as you go, hiding ends in brioche, french braid your tails (so fun!) and Slipadeedoodah your way to a thicker gauge yarn from whatever you have on hand.
  • Plus, knitwear styling tips and a lesson in color selection from the color guru himself

Julie Weisenberger

English Tailoring

  • How some English tailoring techniques can elevate your sweaters and take them from “homemade” to “handmade” status.
  • Her step by step workshop takes you through each important step detailing her tips and tricks along the way.
  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to styling your garments. Find out how shape and color play an important role in how to flatter your figure.

Meghan Fernandes

Finishing Strong

  • The importance of swatching in the round and how to create a successful swatch
  • Weaving in ends can get tricky when working in different stitch patterns. Meghan shows you how to choose the right method for
    • All over stockinette
    • All over garter stitch
    • All over lacework
    • She even covers duplicate stitch!
  • Piecing a project together with a smooth seam can get tricky, learn how to seam in both garter and stockinette to achieve beautiful results.
  • Comfort is as important as progress and it is hard to find one without the other. Find your favorite “knitspot” and make it your own with Meghans help.

Romi Hill

Lace, Beading, Shawl Construction

  • The basics of Knit Companion, an online tool for organizing your patterns and charts
  • How to become a designer and shawl shape expert (yes, expert!)
  • Lace knitting tips to help you stay on track and avoid mistakes including
    • How and where to place lifelines
    • The importance of swatch blocking
    • Best cast-on and bind-off for lace knitting
    • Embracing the lace chart
    • Special stitches for tidying up your knitting
    • Bathing your knits – how to block your lace project and show off your work.

Amy Small

Chunky Art Yarns

  • What stitches work best when using bulky yarns.
  • Why keeping a stitch/swatch library can help you make any project unique and create a one of a kind project.
  • Tassels are for everyone! Lean to create giant tassels and macramé fringe and give your projects some added swing.
  • Art yarns have a life all their own, Amy shares some special finishing techniques to help make your projects shine.

Taiu Landra

Koigu Color Theory

  • How to create your perfect palette with hand dyed yarns.
  • The nuance of variegated colorways and how to work with them can intimidate even the most experienced knitter. Taiu demystifies the experience and helps you to get the most out of your special yarns.
  • There are lots of techniques to employ when showing off your special skein. Learn why Mitered knitting is a great way to highlight Koigu yarns.

Julie + Jean-Francois Asselin

  • How different fibers react differently to color.
  • The anatomy of yarn, and how the construction and number of strands affects your knitted projects in various ways
  • How to work with hand dyed yarn to produce the outcome you desire while avoiding pooling and other nuances.
  • What to do when colors bleed and how to reset that dye.




Journey through Europe as you discover some of
the world's greatest fiber traditions.

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Andrea Mowry

Color Confidence, Fades

  • Have you found your fade? Andrea gives a lesson in color confidence and teaches you how to create that beautiful faded technique that she is so well known for.
  • Why swathing can actually save you time and prevent you from making some pretty big mistakes.
  • Is your project a “Knit Night Knit” or a “Strong Coffee Knit”? Learn the difference between the two and why it’s nice to have one of each.
  • Wet blocking or steam blocking? There are reasons to use each, learn how to know the difference.
  • How to wear your knits with confidence once they are off the needles.

Nancy Marchant

The Tuck Stitch

  • The basics of Brioche from a woman who literally wrote the book!
  • What is a tuck stitch and how to read a tuck stitch chart.
  • To practice the method right along with Nancy as she walks you through two original designs for a matching cowl / mitten set.
  • Why a sewn bind off is appropriate when using the tuck stitch and how to accomplish it
  • Fixing your mistakes! Nancy knows that mistakes happen, keep on track and learn to fix your brioche mistakes as you go along without having to frog your entire project.

Steven Berg

Color & Fiber Mixology

  • How to get creative with Stephen Be! Discover your knitting style and break out of that creative rut with a lesson in “fiber mixology”.
  • Stephen’s favorite techniques for starting with a loose and stretchy cast on and binding off using a similar method.
  • How to create unique yarn blends by holding different yarns together to form something entirely new.
  • To try some unconventional materials like plastic or ribbons and more and “Make it Legendary”

Alexa Ludeman

Fair Isle Tips & Tricks

  • How to find more time to knit! Alexa helps you find more time to prioritize your craft.
  • Why a bottom up sweater is a great choice and how to plan for its construction.
  • Have you ever wanted to design your very own sweater yoke? Alexa takes you through designing a fair isle yoke and using german short rows in its shaping.

Tammy White

Sheep to Shawl, Natural dyeing

  • The world of the farm to needle movement!
  • Join Tammy and her 100+ sheep in learning all about the types of fibers her flock creates.
  • Have you ever wanted to give dying your own yarns a go? Tammy takes you through the process of natural dying from harvest to application.
  • What it takes to take wool from sheep to skein with a special lesson in fiber processing.

Laura Nelkin

Lace, Estonian Nupps

  • A journey of Lace knitting from around the world. Laura shares her love of Shetland lace, Estonan Nupps, and Japanese lace.
  • To decipher the difference between single sided and double sided lace and which one comes with the benefit of a resting row.
  • How to choose the best yarn and needles for the job to achieve a drape worthy of your work.
  • Lace is not complete without blocking your work. Laura shares her best blocking tips especially for lace knitters.

Amy Herzog

Successful Sweaters for all Shapes

  • Amy’s body positive approach to sweater making
  • Practical tips to help you choose a style that works with your current wardrobe and lifestyle.
  • What part fabric construction plays in the drape, sizing and silhouette of a garment.
  • Challenge everything you think you know about how swathing plays a role in your garment project! Amy throws some of the rules you thought were hard and true out the window and explains how to use your swatch most effectively to get the perfect fit!

Michele Wang

Finishing, Blocking, Grafting

  • The technical difference between a hidden and a visible selvedge and why they employ different strategies?
  • How to knit a sloped bind off and why it adds a touch of class to a garment.
  • To create a set in sleeve, an elegant neck band and button binds.
  • Some special tips for a flawless finished garment from invisible spit splicing yarn using tails for set-in sleeve seaming to effective stitch marker usage.

Beata Jezek

Color Fast!

  • How Beata experiments with color and shows you how to build your own 2, 3, 4 and more color combinations for a palette all your own.
  • How to take your color pairing to the next level and learn to incorporate speckled and variegated yarns in just the right way.
  • To break out of your box with an experimental palette she calls the “BeataBow”
  • To level up your color knowledge and learn the answers to her most frequently asked color questions.

Tamara Kelly

Crochet Hacks for Knitters

  • The basics of crochet in order to further your knitting skills by becoming “bi-stitual”!
  • Why crochet construction can be such a valuable tool in your knitting arsenal.
  • Some really handy crochet techniques such as
    • Crochet seaming
    • Crochet buttonholes
    • Crochet edging
    • Crochet necklines
    • Crochet armholes
  • To combine the crafts by giving a few hybrid projects a try with the included cowl and hat patterns.




Follow the Northern Lights on this Nordic adventure that goes
beyond dyers and designers to expand your horizons.

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Arne + Carlos

Master Class in Norwegian Colorwork

  • This is a true masterclass in Norwegian Style Colorwork! Join Arne and Carlos for an in depth look at why knitting the Norwegian way is great for colorwork.
  • How to incorporate multiple colors into your work for a seamless transition.
  • Their trick for catching floats so you don’t get caught up in your finished project.
  • Mitten making tips – Learn to make and pick up for the thumb using scrap yarn.

Veera Välimäki

The Joy of Stripes

  • Spice up your stripes and learn some awesome techniques for creating smooth stripes in the round.
  • 5 options for jogless stripes in the round including her personal favorite technique.
  • Take your stripes to a whole new level with short row stripes!
  • Vertical stripes are a thing! Discover how two color brioche is the natural choice for unique (and warm) stripes

Ann Shayne + Kay Gardiner

Secrets of Knitting Happiness

  • The joy of knitting what you love with Ann and Kay from MDK
  • Let’s straight up bust some knitting myths!
    • Good Yarn is too expensive… BUSTED!
    • Garter stitch is boring… BUSTED!
    • Knitting is a solo gig… BUSTED!
    • Fast knitting is the goal… BUSTED!

Ann Budd

Fear-free Steeking

  • If steeking sends you sprinting stay put! Anne will hold your virtual hand through the process in a low stakes project designed for your success.
  • How a crochet hook can help to secure your stitches.
  • To pull out your sharpest scissors and snip your work in exactly the right place.
  • To add zippers and buttons to your work.
  • Cover raw edges with beautiful detail using ribbon or a knitted tab.

Christel Seyfarth

Fanø Colorwork and Magic Balls

  • The joy of choosing colors that elevate your work. Crystal takes you through the process and helps you to create your very own “Magic Ball” of yarn.
  • Some secrets for the Fair Isle method of knitting both flat and in the round and why they are slightly different.
  • Why Steeking is an important part of Crystal’s process and exactly how to do it successfully.
  • How to take your finished piece to another level entirely by adding embroidery.

Cecelia Campochiaro

Sequence Knitting

  • What sequence knitting is and how to create your own.
  • How shaping your project affects your pattern sequences in various ways (and why that is fun to watch!)
  • Cecelia’s favorite tip to achieve a beautifully smooth edge.
  • A creative tip from a self proclaimed Swatching Freak that will save you loads of time in your future projects.

Carson Demers

Knitting Ergonomics

  • To improve your knitting health by following Carson’s tips for a long and comfortable knitting lifetime!
  • Your Ideal Knitting posture
  • Why knitting efficiency plays a role in the health of our hands and bodies
  • How holding your needles and yarn at certain angles can benefit both health and efficiency.
  • Not all needles and fibers are created equal! Carson shares his tips for pairing the right yarn with the right needles for a smoother experience.

Lorilee Beltman

Vertically Stranded Colorwork

  • How to gain the instruction you need from teachers with a different knitting style.
  • Techniques for vertically stranded colorwork or as she likes to call it “Colors that Climb”.
  • Tips for managing your yarn, and staggering your floats for a smooth wrong side fabric.
  • Lorilee’s trick for estimating how much yarn you will need for your contrast color.

Andrea Rangel

Magical Colorwork Motifs

  • How to get started with colorwork including an easy trick for holding your yarn.
  • Tips for a beautifully finished colorwork project
  • Keep your yarns from tangling
  • Smooth your stitches after you bind off for a uniform finish.
  • The importance of blocking
  • Adjusting your needle size can help your colorwork pop!
  • How to turn your inspiration into a motif all your own

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Fair Isle Knitting

  • The principles of Fair Isle Knitting from the colors themselves to traditional methods and motifs.
  • Some great tips for creating inspiration and mood.
  • A primer from Mary Jane in choosing colors and the dangers of using variegated yarns.
  • How to begin your work with a provisional cast on for a smooth join when finishing your project.




From the Andes to Oregon, season 4 expands your horizons
in all the best ways

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Caitlin Hunter

Traditional Colorwork

  • Enjoy hearing the story of the Boyland Knitworks take on colorwork.
  • How to choose a sweater that will fit your body.
  • How to use short rows to customize your sweaters and help with getting a great fit around the neck.
  • Why sometimes you need to take it outside! When you need more space head out of doors to block your project (just don’t forget your towel!)

Martha Wissing

Chullo-style Hat with Cupped Tassels

  • The basics of Mosaic knitting, a colorwork technique used heavily in chullo-style knitting to create beautiful patterns and motifs.
  • The nuance of Mosaic Chart reading and how to be successful in their execution.
  • Follow along as Martha puts to work your newly gained mosaic skills and demonstrates how to construct a Chullo-style hat.
  • How to add some swing to your project with two different styles of tassels.

Susan B. Anderson

Seamless Toy Knitting

  • The joy of creating a miniature pet from sticks and string!
  • The best way to pick up stitches and shape your project into a recognizable shape.
  • Some great tips for finishing your work with the details that will bring it to life before your very eyes.
  • Plus a few extra tips to make your life easier
    • Kitchner stitch explained
    • Poof! Mini pompoms
    • Constructing an i-cord
    • And, her number one knitting tip

Marly Bird

Mending with Crochet

  • From Jeans to t-shirts, learn to create cute crochet patches to embellish your fabrics.
  • How to determine the right way to sew your patch in place.
  • Trash to treasure – turn those favorite old and worn out knits into a fabulous new patch!
  • How to add trim along the border of a garment and even how to mend a sleeve on a tank.

Blue Sky Fibers

Cable, Create & Connect

  • The difference between a right leaning cable and a left leaning cable and how they work together to create a beautiful cable pattern.
  • How to organize and learn to use a cable chart. This great tool can really help you to keep track of where you are in your pattern.
  • Mistakes are an opportunity to learn! Read your knitting like a pro and follow along as the folks at Blue Sky Fibers teach you how to correct it.
  • How to become a designer in your own right, discover how to modify this pattern to suit your needs.

Manos Del Uruguay

Hand Dyeing the Manos Way

  • The Artisans of Manos del Uruguay share their techniques for dying their beautiful yarns
  • The right tools for the right job – make sure you have what you need before you begin.
  • The step by step process for getting a nice saturated color on your yarns.

Lucy Neatby

Two-color Double Knitting

  • Lucy’s colorful style shines through in her teaching of two color double knitting as she takes you step by step through your first project.
  • To read a double knitting chart and put it into practice.
  • How to create a smooth finish by using a tubular bind off to keep things equal and in pattern.
  • Techniques unique to the craft!
    • Threading or Quilting resulting in a textured appearance
    • “Hiding” a third color for a pop of interest

Hannah Thiessen

Slow knitting, Natural Dyes & Mend

  • Slow down and enjoy the wool in your hands. Hannah helps to demystify the slow knitting movement.
  • How to release your stash guilt by finding it a happy home
  • Have you run into a snag! Learn how to repair, mend and maintain your knits for a long life.
  • How to create your best color from start to finish. Learn how to work with some common natural dyes found at home.

Andrea Wong

Portuguese-style Knitting

  • Andrea’s course is chock full of technique and takes you step by step through the process of knitting in the portugese style.
  • How to get the proper tension using a pin or even just around your neck.
  • Practice Knitting and Purling the portugese way.
  • Why some needles have a hooked end and when to use them in your projects.

Diane Ivey

Building Inclusive Communities

  • Join Diane as she dives deep in a discussion about knitting and diversity and how to move the conversation forward within the Fiber Industry using social media.
  • Some great tips for Local Yarn Store Owners on how to be inclusive and accessible.
  • Some tips for interacting and getting more involved with new names and faces on Social Media.




The season that defied all odds and sparked unification and passion
for knitting in a time we needed it the most.

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of what you'll get!


Åsa Söderman

Art of Knitting Beautiful top-down sweaters with the Ziggurat method

  • Åsa’s story and how she developed her Ziggurat method.
  • How to get the perfect fit with this alternative measuring technique!
  • Knit right along as Åsa takes you step by step through creating a Ziggurat sweater of your very own.
  • Some great tips when it comes to shaping your sweater to fit YOUR body!

Francoise Danoy

Designing your first pattern

  • How to make your dreams come true! Francoise walks you through how to take your dream project all the way through to a published pattern.
  • To sketch it out! This important step will help you visualize and work out the kinks before you begin. Frenchie teaches you how to ditch perfectionism and embrace the process.
  • How to seek out new stitch patterns to incorporate into your new design
  • Swatching your design is so much more than just getting gauge. Learn how Francoise uses her swatches to determine everything from fiber type and needle size to how to tweak her stitch pattern to alter the construction of the garment.

Gaye “GG” Glasspie

Sustainable Growth: Finding your voice through authenticity, consistency & Vulnerability

  • How GG made it from a new knitter in a store that could not meet her needs to the iconic goddess of all things orange.
  • Your authentic self and share it with the world.
  • Why simply showing up once is not enough. Consistency is the goal.
  • Let’s get vulnerable. The road to sustainable growth is not complete until you are able to be vulnerable with yourself and others.

Gayle Roehm

Exploring Beautiful Japanese Stitches from Charts

  • Join Gayle for a primer on the basic symbols that will help you learn to read Japanese lace charts.
  • Knit along with Gayle as she creates some beautiful fingerless knits in the round.
  • To create a mini swatch to practice working the new stitches you will use in your fingerless mitts project.
  • Move on to a few new techniques in a mini scarf with frill and you will be ready to take on a whole new world!

Jacqueline Cieslak

Body Positive Knitting

  • The proper way to take your own measurements and keep them for future reference.
  • The importance of ease. What is it and why is it so crucial to achieve a great fit?
  • Why a gauge swatch is so important and demonstrates how being off by a small amount can matter in a big way.
  • Why creating a custom croquis using your own body measurements can help you choose the next garment in your handmade wardrobe.

Tatiana Sarasa

Holistic Nature of Knitting: creativity, natural color and mindfulness

  • The art of natural dying from holistic knitter and dyer Tatiana Sarasa.
  • How to be the Artist and learn to create your own unique design!
  • To extract color from plants in your area.
  • Some relaxation with Tatiana and her friend Mirjam Wagner as they help you to find some knitting mindfulness.

Tian Connaughton

Make it fit: How to get the perfect fit every time

  • Tian’s tips and tricks to swatching for gauge.
  • Get the right fit! Measuring before you begin and thinking about how you will wear your hat will ensure a fantastic fit.
  • To read a schematic – an important part of the visual representation of your piece. It gives you the dimensions of the crucial pieces and how they will fit.
  • To embrace knitting math! Tian walks you through the concepts that help you to create a hat that fits you the way you want it to fit.

Yumiko Alexander

Working with plant based fibers

  • How to break free from the wool in your life and learn to live outside the box in the wonderful world of plant-based fibers. Yumiko teaches us all about the types of designs that are most successful using cotton and linen yarns.
  • Why all fibers have a life of their own and are not all suited to the same types of projects. Learn how to successfully adapt a pattern that was written for an animal fiber to use the fiber of your choice.
  • Why she likes to design Rectangle shaped garments and how that shape provides sizing options for many different types of bodies.
  • How to style your knits with a minimal wardrobe and dress it up with jewelry for a style all your own.

Meri Tanaka

The Making of Amirisu Magazine

  • How Meri and Tokako started a knitting magazine as a hobby and turned it into their “Jobby”!
  • What goes into creating a modern knitting magazine. Peek behind the scenes and get a feel for the work that goes in from design to photography and everything in between.

Tina Tse

Home Sweet Home Formula: Creating with freestyle modular knitting

  • The freedom of modular knitting.
  • How shapes all begin with only 3 simple stitches. Just follow Tina’s Sweet Home Formula for a successful modular project.
  • Connecting shapes together is what modular knitting is all about. Tina shares her tips for picking up stitches to create a seamless look (without the seams!))
  • To create an i-cord border to give your garment a finished look and tie it all together.


What makes knit stars different than any other experience?

Hi! I'm shelley brander,
founder of knit stars.


I know how it can feel to be alone in your creative passion. For my first few decades as a knitter, I was on my own! When, at age 35, I pivoted from my first career (in broadcast production) and opened a local yarn store, I saw firsthand how one great teacher can truly change your knitting life.

I created Knit Stars to bring the best teaching to knitters around the globe. I used to be afraid to fly (!!!) But now I travel to remote locations around the world, taking you directly into the homes and studios of the most brilliant designers, dyers and difference-makers. Now in its 6th year, Knit Stars has become a learning platform like no other – one that gives us all a place to grow – in confidence and connection.


what our knit stars owners are saying

– Grace F.


Knit Stars has become a daily thing for me.
I jumped into season 1 and my knitting perspective immediately changed. I’ve been inspired to try new techniques and more complicated designs. I can even see myself trying out my own ideas. I’ve finished more projects in 5 months than I’ve finished in 5 years.

– Kathie K.- Andrea R.

what our knit stars owners are saying


It’s all of the A-list teachers, fun and
community of an in-person festival…

without the expense or hassles of airfare, hotels and crowds. And the production quality is Hollywood feature-film-worthy – crisp, clean and rich in depth and color. You’ll feel like you’re right there, getting a private lesson from each Star.

You own the online workshops – watch on
your schedule and at your own pace.

Pause, rewind, refer to it again and again. Wherever you are in your knitting journey – beginner, advanced or somewhere in between – you’ll have your own on-demand library of knitting masters, just waiting to take your knitting to the next level.


Go behind the scenes on location with the Stars.

See inside their personal studios and workspaces all around the world. See what inspires them, learn what drives them, and steep yourself in the culture that surrounds them.

Each workshop is comparable to a 3-hour in-person class.

Each season of Knit Stars has at least 8 complete workshops (some have up to 11!), each with 1-2 hours of pure inspiration and instruction – no ads or disruptions – broken into convenient modules. That’s about $18 per workshop!


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