Behind-the-scenes with Julie & Jean-Francois Asselin

The Knit Stars production team recently traveled to Southeastern Quebec to film hot indie dyers Julie and Jean-Francois Asselin. This creative power couple is every bit as irresistible as their lovely, hand-dyed yarns! They gave us a tour of their dye process and shared a wealth of information, including:

  • Different types of fibers, how they react, and how they affect your project
  • Superwash or not? How it affects your end results
  • Yarn construction: What types exist, and why it matters.
  • Color theory and stitch pattern tips for hand-dyes.
  • How to reset a bleeding skein (hands-on from their kitchen!)

You’ll love meeting Julie and Jeff in the Knit Stars Summit, coming in October. They’ll be sharing lots of great, hands-on info, and since you own the Summit forever, you can refer to the content over and over again as needed. If you’re not already enrolled, get on the waitlist today so you don’t miss our last enrollment period, coming soon!

P.S. Did you see the special colorway that Julie and Jeff created to celebrate Knit Stars? Enrollees are the only ones who can pre-order it!

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