Behind-the-scenes with Julie Weisenberger of Cocoknits

Have you always wanted to knit your first garment, but you’ve been afraid to try? Or maybe you’ve been hand-knitting sweaters and cardigans for years, but you’ve always wondered if there’s a better way?

The Knit Stars team just wrapped up a full day of shooting with Julie Weisenberger, owner of Cocoknits, and she distilled what would normally be a 6-hour workshop into a dynamic, online master class on English Tailoring.

English Tailoring is very common in ready-to-wear. If you look in your wardrobe, chances are you’ll find a store-bought sweater with English Tailored shoulders. The technique has several advantages. It’s much easier to work than a traditional hand-knit sweater finish. It’s neaterlooking because the pieces fit together like a puzzle. And best of all, it fits better!

In her Knit Stars workshop, Julie will take you through her English Tailoring technique, step by step, as you create an adorable “mini me” baby sweater! She’ll even include a bonus pattern download within the Summit – an amazing sneak preview of her book that’s coming out later this Fall.

Julie’s classes are always one of the most sought-after tickets at the biggest knitting events… but for the past year, you couldn’t get tickets because she’s been so busy with her new book that she hasn't been traveling much at all. So this Knit Stars segment is definitely not to be missed! If you’re not already enrolled, get on the waitlist today so you don’t miss our last enrollment period, coming soon.

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