Nunnaba Artisan Yarns debuts exclusive Knit Stars yarns

* Correction: You may have read in one of our emails that Nunnaba yarns are dyed in New Zealand. They are in fact dyed in Australia. We regret the error!

A friend of ours has a favorite saying: If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

That’s why we had to smile when we received this email from Jenna, owner of Nunnaba Artisan Yarns: 

I'm so excited to see you putting together such a great summit. It is such a great thing for us who live not only on the other side of the world (Australia) from these awesome events, but also for people like me who live a long way from any major airports, making knitting retreats even harder to get to. Hubby is signing me up this week as a just-because present and I can't wait for it to get started.
I own the business Nunnaba Artisan Yarns and have just started selling wholesale in the US. I was wondering if there would be any way at all that you might be interested in letting me dye a custom colourway for your summit as well? I would very much like to support Knit Stars and would be beside myself excited (might even throw in a swoon or two!) if I could be dyeing for an event that includes the unbelievably amazing names that you have lined up. I would be so honoured if you would even consider me. 
Hope to hear back from you. 
X Jenna

So we hopped over and checked out Nunnaba. WHOA. This was something completely new.

First, rather than transitioning in stripes, or ombre patterns, the gradients that Jenna spins have a slightly dappled look, which gives so much character and interest to the final piece that you create. She says this interesting effect was, at first, a happy accident! But she’s now refined it to become the Nunnaba signature.

And second, Nunnaba Artisan Yarns are spun exclusively from White Gum Wool – a superfine merino that is ethically and sustainably farmed in Tasmania. It is a luxury yarn base that comes from very happy sheep. If you've never heard of White Gum Wool, you really must head over to White Gum Wool‘s website, where you can learn a little more about the process behind this exquisite yarn.

Jenna created such amazing colors for Knit Stars, we couldn’t choose. So we chose both. (Does this ever happen to you?)

Meet “Nebula" and "Galactic."

"Nebula" from Nunnaba Artisan Yarns

"Nebula" from Nunnaba Artisan Yarns

"Galactic" from Nunnaba Artisan Yarns

"Galactic" from Nunnaba Artisan Yarns

“Nebula” and “Galactic" will be available for pre-order exclusively for enrolled Knit Stars students. If you're not enrolled yet, click the button below to join our general Knit Stars waitlist -- you'll be the first to know when we re-open enrollment! (If you're already enrolled in Knit Stars, no need to click the button!)