Meet “Upon a Star,” the Knit Stars exclusive colorway from Julie Asselin

When Julie Asselin, one of our 9 Knit Stars instructors, heard we were thinking about offering some exclusive yarns and color ways, she instantly wanted IN! And since Julie Asselin Hand-Dyed Yarns is one of the hottest indie dyers in the world right now, of course we were IN too! 

"Upon a Star" from Julie Asselin Hand-Dyed Yarn

"Upon a Star" from Julie Asselin Hand-Dyed Yarn

“Thinking about the stars, Jean-Francois and I immediately knew that our color way needed an overlay of gold,” Julie said. “And the main color that kept coming back in our creative process was a light, warm blue. The result is a light turquoise in which you can see a golden tone passing through, just like a shooting star.”

“Upon a Star” will be dyed exclusively for Knit Stars on Fino, a 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk blend fingering weight with 420 yards per skein.

"Creativity and the making of things has always been part of our life for both of us,” Julie said. “I've been knitting ever since I was a little girl. I was taught by my grandmothers and mother. I'm curious about how things are made, and I love to learn new skills, so dyeing fascinated me right from the start. Even as a kid, natural dyes were part of my experiments. Since the beginning of this adventure, Jean-Francois’ help has always been key, and now we work full-time together. Making a living out of it is really a dream come true."

“Upon a Star" will be available for pre-order exclusively for those enrolled in Knit Stars. Not enrolled yet? Click the button below to get on the waitlist!

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