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What makes the Knit Stars experience so unique?

I’m Shelley Brander and almost two decades ago, I had a thriving branding agency but was starting to burn out, so I opened a yarn shop as a side hustle. But I struggled to attract top-tier teachers to travel to my little shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Finally, Lucy Neatby said YES, and her workshop was so transformative, I became obsessed with bringing the same level of instruction and intimate connection to Yarnies worldwide.

brad-on-cliff (1)

Each year for 9 years, our award-winning production team has traveled around the globe to more than 90 Stars’ hometowns, filming a mini-documentary and online workshop. The premiere of each Knit Stars Masterclass Season has become the biggest online event in the yarn world. But more importantly, it’s elevated the way the entire yarn world learns, connects and grows, together.

What might your Knit Stars documentary look like?

Watch these 5 vignettes from previous Knit Stars “lifestyle” videos to find out.

What are the benefits?

We created Knit Stars not only to make the best learning more accessible, but to raise the bar on how the yarn industry compensates its best and brightest Stars - knowing that the rising tide will indeed lift all the boats.

The benefits are too far-reaching to fully list here, but these are the most pivotal ones:

We work with you to plan a Masterclass you will be exceptionally proud of.

We come to you for 2 days of on-site filming, based on your unique schedule.

We handle all editing and production

We pay you a flat fee of $5,000, plus…

You earn 40% of any enrollment fees in Season 10 that come through your affiliate link.

You earn 40% commission on any previous Knit Stars Seasons (1-9) purchased through your link.

You’ll be part of a Season 10 cohort of Stars that will introduce you to fresh strategies and will cheer you on throughout your Season and beyond.

What are the requirements?

Your primary responsibility is to deliver a workshop you’re immensely proud of - with the whole-hearted support of the Knit Stars team! Three of our team members have been Stars themselves, so we know what the jitters can feel like, and we know how to help you through them. 

Beyond that, the requirements are simple, and break out into “must haves” and “nice to haves.”


A workshop that is unique in some way from your other offerings. This will be filmed sometime between March and August, 2025 - dependent on your schedule.

With the support of the Knit Stars team, you’ll create 3 teaser posts and one announcement post for Instagram, to be posted during Knit Stars Earlybird sign-ups in spring of 2025.


There will be at least one other signup window in addition to the Earlybird window, when you will benefit from posting about your class.

Your unique affiliate link will be good for all of 2025, so you can post permanent links on all your channels that can lead to additional sales and commissions.

Simply put, the more you share, the more you can earn - in 2025 and for years to come, as a Knit Stars alumnus. It is an excellent, long term passive income opportunity.

Can you picture your name here?

If you’re on this page, it means we know your name belongs on this list - and Knit Stars Season 10 is shaping up to be extra-special. 

The next step is to schedule a discovery call with Shelley.

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Alexa Ludeman

Alexandra Tavel

Ambah O'Brien

Amy Herzog

Amy Small

Andrea Mowry

Andrea Rangel

Andrea Wong

Ann Budd

Anna Hrachovec

Anne Shayne + Kay Gardiner

Arne + Carlos

Asa Soderman

Beata Jezek

Beth Gorishek

Blue Sky Fibers

Carol Feller

Carolyn Bloom

Carson Demers


Catilin Hunter

Cecelia Campochiaro

Chantal Miyagishima

Chelsea Heranic

ChiWei Ranck

Christel Seyfarth

Dana Williams-Johnson

Dawn Barker

Diane Ivey

Emma Fassio

Fatimah Hinds

Felicity Ford

Francoise Danoy

Gary Boston

Gaye Glasspie

Gayle Roehm

Ginnifer Goodwin

Gudrun Johnston

Hannah Fettig

Hannah Theissen

Hazel Tindall

Hélène Magnússon

Jacqui Fink

Jeanette Sloan

Jeanne Tripplehorn

Jennifer Berg

Lauren McElroy

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Lorilee Beltman

Lotta Lundin

Louis Boria

Lucy Neatby

Manos Del Uruguay - Cecilia Lalanne

Marly Bird

Martha Wissing

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Mary Martin

Meghan Fernandes

Melanie Berg

Meri Tanaka

Michele Wang

Mieka John

Nancy Marchant

Nancy Ricci

Nina Machlin Dayton

Olga Jazzy

Patty Lyons

Romi Hill

Ross Taylor

Stephen West

Steven Berg

Summer Lee

Susan B Anderson

Taiu Landra

Tamara Kelly

Tammy White

Tatiana Sarasa

Thomas Hamilton

Tian Connaughton

Tina Tse

Veera Välimäkiwebsite

Vincent Williams

Willie Smith

Xandy Peters

Yumiko Alexander

Jonah Larson

Julie Asselin

Julie Weisenbergerress

Kaffe Fassett/Brandon Mably

Laura Nelkin