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Gin’s Story

See if any of this feels familiar…

After years of knitting and crocheting, Gin had lost her mojo.

During lockdown, she would pick up the needles and go through the motions, but just didn’t feel excited about it.

So when Gin first heard about our latest innovation called the Yarniverse, it piqued her interest. But she was still in such a “flat” creative space that she didn’t feel she really deserved to dive in.

Then something magical happened. She happened onto a Yarniverse LIVE with Knit Star Asa Soderman. And Gin started to feel something she realized she hadn’t felt in a very long time….

Joy. More specifically, the very unique and special joy we all share in common as Yarnies - creative joy.

There are lots of ways to experience it - and it’s a little different for each person. 

There’s the joy when you see your first skein wound into a delicious cake.

The joy when you successfully make your very first stitch.

The joy when you finish that first wonky garter stitch scarf. 🥴

The joy when you tackle that technique that’s been intimidating you.

And then there are joys that have nothing to do with producing anything…

Like when you’re knitting in an airport and another maker approaches and says “you knit, too?!”

Or when you make a new yarn friend on the couch at your local yarn store.

Or when you’re at a yarn festival surrounded by friends who are just as passionate about yarn as you.

That’s what happened for Gin when she jumped on that LIVE and realized this wasn’t “just another Zoom.” It was screen after screen of yarn lovers around the world, laughing and sharing and just being together, bonded by this magical thing we all share.

All of us, in ways both big and small, lost connection through the pandemic. Researchers tell us we’re only just beginning to understand that loss.

But I’ve felt it, deep in my bones, for the last two years. 

At the core, this is why we created the Yarniverse. To spark more creative joy and connection. And to make our Masterclass learning experience more accessible to more yarn lovers, all year round 🎁

So, what exactly is the Yarniverse?

This signup page explains it all.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version:

✅ 45+ of our most popular Masterclass workshops, organized into Tracks based on your current skillset and interests

✅ Weekly Yarniverse LIVE deep dives with the Stars, Star Makers and fellow members

✅ “Uncut” documentary video releases each month 

✅ Rising Star profiles of your fellow members doing amazing things (maybe one will be YOU!)

✅ Quarterly make-alongs with optional, exceptional kits

✅ Enhanced service, support, advance notice of special events, and a special member discount

Just imagine what would happen to your stash if your yarn mojo was lit ON FIRE and stoked continuously, week after week, with yarny joy and real connection?

What if you started every yarn session with a few moments of fresh content and fun, learning something new just for you?

There’s only one way to find out. Join the Yarniverse today. (No commitment, cancel anytime.)



P.S. The Yarnivere is  our next major innovation in a long line of innovations. 

First, in 2005, a kinder, more modern yarn store. 

Second, ten years later,, an intimate, online Masterclass experience.

And now, in 2023…the Yarniverse. The best and brightest the yarn world has to offer at our lowest, most accessible entry cost yet.

Join at Founding Member pricing for a limited time here.