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kaffe fassett +
brandon mably


Intarsia: Embracing
ALL the colors!

Travel to the U.K. as Kaffe and Brandon welcome you into their home. Overcome any fears of complexity or working with lots of colors – with help from the masters of intarsia. Kaffe’s motto is: “If in doubt, add 20 more colors!” You’ll feel empowered to take on the world! Includes an exclusive colorwork pattern.

Jeanette Sloan


Beaded Colorwork

Next stop in the U.K.: Learn Jeanette’s fresh approach to bead knitting that adds a touch of bling and a colorful twist to your knitting - plus it’s less difficult than it looks! Jeanette’s class will include a new, exclusive-to-Knit-Stars pattern for a beautiful beaded cushion to adorn your home.

Felicity “Felix” Ford


Think Like an artist: a stranded colourwork masterclass

We’ll pop over across London to Felix’ place in Reading, where she’ll empower you to explore a variety of artists’ creative approaches in your knitting. Your class project will be a stunning colorwork cowl.

Ambah O’Brien


shawl love

“Travel” with us to Ambah’s home in Australia, where you’ll explore various shawl shapes and how to make them your own with modifications and styling tips. You’ll love her laid-back approach to design, and her exclusive Season 6 class project that includes lace and mosaic sections!

jacqui fink


Heartstrings - a unique perspective on how to use colour

Australian fiber artist Jacqui first burst onto the global knit scene with her huge fiber installations, followed by a period of personal struggle. Jacqui will help you understand the connection between knitting and emotions, and how to connect knitting and journaling to honor your feelings and growth.

dana williams-johnson


fearless Sweater Knitting

From her home in Maryland, “DWJ” will help you become a more fearless sweater knitting - by learning from her past mistakes. Dana made 21 sweaters in 2020 and - though that may not be in the cards for you - she will help you get more confident about adapting sweater patterns. (She often adapts patterns all the way down to fit her famous rescue chihuahua, Jellybean!)

jennifer berg


Knitwear Brings Us Together: Connecting Through Culture

Travel with us to the American Southwest/Navajo Reservation and meet Jennifer, whose distinctive colorwork honors her Navajo heritage. For your class project, you’ll make a 3-color stranded “Sunrise” headband with a Navajo motif.

louis boria


Street Style: Hats!

The designer - whose career exploded when a Broadway Star photographed him knitting on the subway - will help you embrace Brooklyn street style with his deep-dive into hats! Learn to get the perfect fit and the right amount of slouch, how to incorporate your favorite stitches into the hat, and how to make it your own with patches and tags.

nina machlin dayton


An Artist’s Palette of Next-Level Techniques

Nina, who runs a popular, annual Gift-A-Long celebrating indie designers, brings her decades of experience to this cornucopia class of intermediate techniques. You’ll learn 15 skills including Latvian and Vikkle braids, surface crochet, multiple techniques for beading, mosaic and slipped stitch colorwork, a turned picot hem, and more as you create a show-stopping sampler cowl.



A Top Secret Design!

Casapinka is known for her addictive, approachable patterns that get the whole world casting on in unison! For her Season 6 workshop, she’ll create a new, original pattern and walk you through a variety of stitches, giving you suggestions for making it your own along the way. (Sorry, that’s all that Sharon from Security will let us tell you right now…;-))

vincent williams


Crazy 'Bout Cables: A Journey into Creativity

Come along with us to Lithonia, Georgia, and meet Vincent Williams of Visuvio’s Crafts. His motto is “Embrace, Spread, & Stand In Your Own Light,” and his approach is sure to spark your own creativity. You’ll learn the ins and outs of cables - selecting yarn suitable for cables, how to cable without a cable needle, and how to know when you need one. Then, take a deep dive into some uncommon chart symbols, and creative cable customizations like intarsia cables.

hi! I’m shelley brander,
founder of knit stars.

shelley - new pic

I know how it can feel to be alone in your creative passion. For my first few decades as a knitter, I was on my own! When, at age 35, I pivoted from my first career (in broadcast production) and opened a local yarn store, I saw firsthand how one great teacher can truly change your knitting life.

I created Knit Stars to bring the best teaching to knitters around the globe. I used to be afraid to fly (!!!) But now I travel to remote locations around the world, taking you directly into the homes and studios of the most brilliant designers, dyers and difference-makers. Now in its 6th year, Knit Stars has become a learning platform like no other - one that gives us all a place to grow - in confidence and connection.

what our knit stars owners are saying

I’ve followed Knit Stars since the beginning and each year the films improve from their excellent start.
The combination of high production value, a worldly perspective, expertise from the best of the best, and an intimate lens focused on the locale from which designers emerge makes Knit Stars unique in the online knitting community.
It’s worth every penny.

- Grace F.

Knit Stars has become a daily thing for me.
I jumped into season 1 and my knitting perspective immediately changed. I’ve been inspired to try new techniques and more complicated designs. I can even see myself trying out my own ideas. I’ve finished more projects in 5 months than I’ve finished in 5 years.

- Kathie K.

Learning is life.
It’s all valuable… always enlightening, entertaining,
and simply a delicious use of my time.
Label me Big. Fan.

- Andrea R.

what our knit stars owners are saying

What makes knit stars different
than any other experience?

as on bike
It’s all of the A-list teachers, fun and
community of an in-person festival...

without the expense or hassles of airfare, hotels and crowds. And the production quality is Hollywood feature-film-worthy - crisp, clean and rich in depth and color. You’ll feel like you’re right there, getting a private lesson from each Star.

You own the online workshops – watch on
your schedule and at your own pace.

Pause, rewind, refer to it again and again. Wherever you are in your knitting journey - beginner, advanced or somewhere in between - you’ll have your own on-demand library of knitting masters, just waiting to take your knitting to the next level.

andrea - picture
brad on cliff
Go behind the scenes on location with the Stars.

See inside their personal studios and workspaces all around the world. See what inspires them, learn what drives them, and steep yourself in the culture that surrounds them.

Each workshop is comparable to a 3-hour
in-person class.

You get 11 complete workshops, each with 1-2 hours of pure inspiration and instruction – no ads or disruptions - broken into convenient modules. That’s about $18 per workshop!

Sign up now and save $30 with Earlybird

Each Knit Stars Season is only offered in two signup windows - Earlybird (now) and right before the event, in the fall - when it will be $30 more. Another benefit of joining during Earlybird is first access to the special Knit Stars yarns - and knowing you’ll receive your yarn pre-order before the event begins.

plus get these six juicy bonuses...

Yarn collage update
bonus #1 - Exclusive chance to purchase Knit Stars yarns!

Our Stars collaborate with indie dyers to create special yarns and kits that you can only get as a Knit Stars owner. Signing up during this Earlybird period ensures you get first chance at the Season 6 offerings, and that you’ll receive them before the event begins this fall.

bonus #2 - Ultra-positive, global community!

Our private Knit Stars Facebook group is fun and on fire year round! Make yarn friends around the world, get project ideas and insider tips on the best yarn stores to visit. You’ll see many of our Stars hanging around in there, too!

bonus #3 - Free Bonus Patterns from your Instructors!

Many Stars will provide new, exclusive, patterns as part of their workshops. Be among the first in the world to make them, along with your Knit Stars friends. It’s a $100+ value in and of itself!

Bonus Q+A
bonus #4 - Live Q+As with the Stars!

We’ll hold two Zoom calls with the Stars right from their homes, so you can chat with them directly and ask any questions that might have popped up for you about their patterns and workshops.

Searchie update
bonus #5 - Knit Stars Season 6 is powered by Searchie!

We invested in Searchie, an amazing new technology that lets you search the words spoken in each video. For example, search “lifeline” or “floats” or “cable cast-on” to go right to the point in each video where that term was used. It’s genuine!

bonus #6 - New app!

Use the free Kajabi app to watch your favorite Knit Stars workshops on the go, using your mobile device. It’s super user friendly and convenient

what our knit stars owners are saying

I have purchased every season because
I don’t want to miss a thing.

I love the classes, locations, projects,
and all the yarn I have received so far!

- Linda W.

I couldn’t have gotten here without Knit Stars.
I could not afford the classes at my LYS, I have always struggled to learn knitting techniques from books, and I couldn’t replay them again and again until I was sure I understood.

- Diane O.

So happy this was made possible for us, your community, to have such
an awesome collaboration
from people all over this world to bring it all together.

- Knitsuz

I absolutely LOVE that I can do this
at my own pace!

I usually feel so rushed to keep up in conventional workshops.

- Lillian N.

what our knit stars owners are saying

During Earlybird week,
you can also get previous
Seasons at Earlybird pricing -
and start watching them right away!

Now’s a great time to add to your Knit Stars library, and have plenty of
workshops to watch while you wait for Season 6 to start.
Choose from our 5 complete Seasons - the topics and lessons
are non-sequential so you can watch in any order!

KS 5.0 logo
Åsa Söderman

Art of Knitting Beautiful top-down sweaters with the Ziggurat method

Francoise Danoy

Designing your first pattern

Gaye “GG” Glasspie

Sustainable Growth: Finding your voice through authenticity, consistency & Vulnerability

Gayle Roehm

Exploring Beautiful Japanese Stitches from Charts

Jacqueline Cieslak

Body Positive Knitting

Tatiana Sarasa

Holistic Nature of Knitting: creativity, natural color and mindfulness

Tian Connaughton

Make it fit: How to get the perfect fit every time

Tina Tse

Home Sweet Home Formula: Creating with freestyle modular knitting

Yumiko Alexander

Working with plant based fibers

Meri Tanaka

The Making of Amirisu Magazine

Caitlin Hunter

Traditional Colorwork

Martha Wissing

Chullo-style Hat with Cupped Tassels

Susan B. Anderson

Seamless Toy Knitting

Marly Bird

Mending with Crochet

Blue Sky Fibers

Cable, Create & Connect

Manos Del Uruguay

Hand Dyeing the Manos Way

Lucy Neatby

Two-color Double Knitting

Hannah Thiessen

Slow knitting, Natural Dyes & Mend

Andrea Wong

Portuguese-style Knitting

Diane Ivey

Building Inclusive Communities

Arne + Carlos

Master Class in Norwegian Colorwork

Veera Välimäki

The Joy of Stripes

Ann Shayne + Kay Gardiner

Secrets of Knitting Happiness

Ann Budd

Fear-free Steeking

Christel Seyfarth

Fanø Colorwork and Magic Balls

Cecelia Campochiaro

Sequence Knitting

Carson Demers

Knitting Ergonomics

Lorilee Beltman

Vertically Stranded Colorwork

Andrea Rangel

Magical Colorwork Motifs

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Fair Isle Knitting

Andrea Mowry

Color Confidence, Fades

Nancy Marchant

The Tuck Stitch

Steven Berg

Color & Fiber Mixology

Alexa Ludeman

Fair Isle Tips & Tricks

Tammy White

Sheep to Shawl, Natural dyeing

Laura Nelkin

Lace, Estonian Nupps

Amy Herzog

Successful Sweaters for all Shapes

Michele Wang

Finishing, Blocking, Grafting

Beata Jezek

Color Fast!

Tamara Kelly

Crochet Hacks for Knitters

Hannah Fettig

Wearable Knits

Stephen West

Westknits Bestknits

Julie Weisenberger

English Tailoring

Meghan Fernandes

Finishing Strong

Romi Hill

Lace, Beading, Shawl Construction

Amy Small

Chunky Art Yarns

Taiu Landra

Koigu Color Theory

Julie + Jean-Francois Asselin

Yarn Construction


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topic index

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A series of videos where Stars share the tools they can't live without.

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Even Stars make mistakes! You won't be able to stop giggling over our latest blooper reel.

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Meet some of your
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Founder + CEO

brad knull

Award-winning Cinematographer


Operations Director


Membership Program Manager


Member Happiness


Q: What if I only want to purchase a previous season?
Q: How long is each Star’s workshop?

A: Each workshop is approximately 1- 2 hours in length, broken up into short “lessons” to make them easy to watch later when you’re looking for something in particular.

Q: Do I need to watch the seasons in a certain order?

A: Nope! They’re not sequential.

Q: Can I download the videos?

A: Your video lessons never expire. You own them and you can watch them as many times as you need to. And yes, you can even download the lessons if you know you’ll be somewhere with a slow or non-existent internet connection!

Q: Can I watch the video lessons on any device?

A: Yes! You can use your computer, tablet, or even your phone to watch the video lessons, either through your favorite web browser, or through the Kajabi app. You can stream to your TV with Apple TV or an HDMI cord connected to your device.Knit Stars is a course-based event built in Kajabi, not a broadcast or streaming service like Netflix. The upside is that you have the ability to download as well.

Q: What about transcripts and closed-captioning?

A: All Knit Stars seasons come with a complete, downloadable transcript and Seasons 4 and 5 are closed-captioned. We plan to close-caption Season 6 as well.

Q: Got more questions?

A: Email us at

what our knit stars owners are saying

I feel like I’ve been given a treasure map.
This is my first Knit Stars and it will not be my last. I am so inspired, comforted, and grateful for the diversity of the workshops… Each one of the workshops has given me insight into not just how to knit, but why I knit.

- Mary A.

This is what makes Knit Stars fabulous:
It isn’t just a knitting lesson; it’s a journey of creativity, design, and joy in the making. It is travel and culture. Knit Stars is a virtual yarn event with classes and instructors and locations you can see over and over.
I love it.

- Susan F.

Thank you for the opportunity to see this class.
I have always been afraid of sweater knitting
and especially colorwork on a sweater.
This really takes the fear out of it.

- Gerri D.

what our knit stars owners are saying


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    Knit Stars Season 6 will not be offered again until right before the event in the fall, and regular price will be $229.
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    Only Earlybirds can order in the first Wave of exclusive yarns, ensuring their yarn will arrive before Knit Stars Season 6 workshops begin.
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    If you join during Earlybird, you can jump into the private Facebook group now and enjoy it for months before the event!