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Louis’s Story

When Louis got the call to be a Knit Star in Masterclass Season 6, he was obviously excited. But he had no way of knowing how much his life was about to change.

“Looking back, it’s so obvious,” Louis said. “I had so many plates spinning, I was exhausted. The only way forward was to leave healthcare, but I couldn’t imagine not having that consistent paycheck.”

I don’t often share this, but…

One of the big reasons I started Knit Stars Masterclasses 8 years ago was what I saw as terribly low and uneven compensation of even the “top-tier”designers and teachers in the yarn business. I saw these brilliant people dedicating every ounce of their energy to our craft, often while holding down full-time jobs, and still barely getting by. And for those just starting out or mid-climb, it was even more dismal.

It was like a dirty little secret of the yarn business. 

Something needed to change.

The Knit Stars model broke the mold. We pay each Star a generous flat fee plus a commission on any signups that come through their personal affiliate link. We come to them to film, removing the burden of travel so they don’t have to leave their families to teach. And they can continue to share and earn commissions for years to come, creating a steady passive income stream for them.

For Louis, this was the catalyst to, well, everything. The same year he filmed Knit Stars, he was able to quit his hospital job and move into designing full-time. He also left Brooklyn to move to Spain, where he had met the love of his life. 

“I honestly never would have imagined my life in Europe doing what I love most,” Louis said, “Working with yarn and fiber folks around the world.”

Recently, Louis joined the Knit Stars team as Advisor to the new Yarniverse program.

“As I do some research on each week’s featured guest, I find myself learning so much through them,” he said. “Whether it’s an ‘aha’ moment in knitting techniques or a beautiful life lesson story, every guest brings something different and unique to the table.”

“Being part of this Yarniverse team has saved me in so many ways,” Louis added.

So, what is this new Yarniverse? 

It’s the magic, learning and intimacy of Knit Stars Masterclasses, but all year-round. 

When you join Yarniverse for as a Founding Member for just $39/month, you get:

✅45+ of our most popular Masterclass workshops, organized into Tracks based on your current skillset and interests, so you can keep moving forward every day

✅ Weekly Yarniverse LIVE deep dives with the Stars, Star Makers and fellow members, so you feel the energy of the yarn world and pour it into your own practice

✅ “Uncut” documentary video releases each month, so you get the true behind the scenes experience 

✅ Rising Star profiles of your fellow members doing amazing things (maybe one will be YOU!)

✅ Quarterly make-alongs with optional, exceptional kits, so you can make in community

✅ Enhanced service, support, advance notice of special events, and a special member discount, so you know you won’t miss a thing!

And you get something even more rewarding…

You’ll know you’re part of the rising tide that’s lifting all the boats.

Each week, the Yarniverse shines a light on a Star, Star Maker or Rising Star (community member) who’s doing something special in the yarn world.

Each week, Yarniverse Gives Back by sharing about a nonprofit organization that’s doing important work. 

Because yes, we’re connected by what we do with our hands - but also by what we do with our hearts, as human beings.

Yarniverse is also another way for the Stars (and soon, participating Star Makers/yarn dyers) to earn additional income year-round. 

So by joining Yarniverse, you’ll be supporting 160+ of the designers, teachers and makers that light up our world.

They’re no longer just names on a pattern or skein of yarn.

They’re your co-creators, your partners, your friends. ❤️

To see all the benefits of the Yarniverse and join at the Founding Member price of just $39/month (or $33/month if you join Annually), click here.



“Yarn completely changed my life. Yes, we create these awesome scarves and hats and garments. But it’s really all about the community we build together.” - Louis Boria