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Get the exclusive first look at our new Knit Stars Masterclass Season that will premiere worldwide this fall. Join Knit Stars Founder Shelley Brander, Gaye “GG” Glasspie, Casapinka and your Season 8 Stars to see sneak peeks of the content months before anyone else!

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Move over, film festivals! Each year Knit Stars criss-crosses the globe to film on location with 10 of the world’s most sought-after designers and teachers, bringing you the most exciting, immersive experience in the whole wide yarn world

Get to know the Stars in the intimacy of their own homes and studios, then expand the way you think about and approach your craft. All in the company of thousands of curious, creative Yarnies just like you.

Watch anytime and return to your masterclasses again and again as you progress in your own journey, with none of the peer pressure of a traditional in-person workshop.

The first new Masterclass drops November 1, 2023.

9/18/20 12:27:27 PM — Portraits of author Shelley Brander. 

Photo by Shane Bevel

Hi! I’m Shelley Brander

Founder of Knit Stars.

I know how it can feel to be alone in your creative passion. For my first few decades as a knitter, I was on my own! When, at age 35, I pivoted from my broadcast production career and opened a local yarn store, I saw firsthand how one great teacher can truly change your knitting life.

I created Knit Stars to bring the best teaching to knitters around the globe. I used to be afraid to fly (!!!) But now I travel to remote locations around the world, taking you directly into the homes and studios of the most brilliant designers and difference-makers.

Now in its 8th year, Knit Stars has become a learning platform like no other. One that gives us all a place to grow - in confidence and connection.

I personally invite you to join us. Wherever you are in your journey, you truly deserve the Knit Stars Masterclass experience. You and your creativity are worth it!


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Once a Year, the Stars Align.
Meet your magical, creative and inspirational
Masterclass Season 8 Stars!

We’ve sought out 10 of the most wildly innovative and ingenious Stars from around the world based on their unique abilities to innovate and inspire. Get the intriguing story behind each maker, then watch over their shoulder as they work their magic and expand your creative horizons.

The high-definition workshops are beautifully shot and easily digestible, with ingenious tips and techniques designed to enrich all knitters and crocheters—beginner to advanced.

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Hélène Magnússon

Traditional Icelandic Lopi Sweaters

Reykjavík-based designer and author Hélène Magnússon will take you on an insightful journey to Iceland. Hélène has been running highly popular hiking and knitting tours in Iceland for more than a decade and this is your chance to learn from her how to knit a true Icelandic lopi sweater or cardigan, using the famous unspun lopi wool and traditional colorwork and motifs. For Season 8, Hélène designed an exceptionally light, soft and quick to knit size-inclusive lopapeysa.


Ginnifer Goodwin

Practical and Cozy: Elevate the Everyday

Take a trip with us to Los Angeles where we visit with award-winning actor Ginnifer (as seen in Once Upon A Time and Big Love) to soak up her lessons on how she uses knitting to elevate the coziness of the everyday. In this “next step” of our original Knit Start program, Ginnifer will teach you practical applications of ribbing, mistake rib and slipped stitch colorwork to apply to small, meditative projects that add cozy touches to her family home.

Olga project (1)

Olga Buraya-Kefelian

3D Knitwear

Come along on a fantastic ride to discover the world of three-dimensional knitwear, developed by the brilliant designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian known as Olgajazzy. This fascinating technique uses the juxtaposition of positive and negative knitting space, redefining what it means to add texture to your garments. Olga’s exclusive Season 8 workshop design will employ a combination of fibers with Chromium, a silk wrapped stainless steel yarn, to add even more dimension and extend the life wear of your finished textured piece.

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Alexandra Tavel

The Duality of Knit and Crochet

New York-based artist “Alexi” introduces a genre-bending workshop where we learn how to create an  on-trend, exclusive new sweater for both knitting and crochet. Learn how to make a crochet stitch look like a knit stitch for the ultimate in versatility. Alexi takes you through it step by step, as you learn to make your own modern yet timeless pieces inspired by the runway.


Dawn Project (1)

Dawn Barker

Assigned Pooling

Dawn lets us in on her popular signature technique for designing and dyeing yarn that magically forms a unique project that’s both innovative and fun to make. Learn the tips for success from the inventor herself. No one will know that you only used a single skein of yarn to make these colorful works of wearable art.

Jonah Project (1)

Jonah Larson


15-year-old crochet prodigy Jonah Larson has graced Good Morning America, The Drew Barrymore Show, CBS, and more, spreading his love of crocheting to millions and raising tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes including Jonah's Hands Projects in Ethiopia. Now, he’s adding Knit Stars to his long line of appearances! In this workshop he’ll share all the basics as well as how to make his favorite slouchy hat.

Nancy Ricci Project
Nancy (2)

Nancy Ricci

“It’s Just A Rectangle!”

If you can knit or crochet a rectangle, you can transform it into anything - hat, mitts, even a garment! - infused with your own signature style. New Yorker Nancy Ricci will show you how to take a pattern and inbue it with your own personality for limitless possibilities. This workshop shares the basics of design math so you can invent your own pattern and establish your own voice in the wider yarn world.

Chelsea Project (1)

Chelsea Heranic

Crafting Bikinis That Fit Your Body

Fun, fashionable, and full of self love and body confidence, this workshop takes you on an adventure to make a custom-fit bikini. Equal parts instruction and inspiration, Chelsea’s known for inspiring body love for those of all sizes.  Gone are the days when crochet options were limited to shawls and blankets - this lively Masterclass will get you itching for your next beach day so you can show off your wearable art!

Ross' project (1)

Ross Taylor

Yarn Dyeing

Indie dyer Ross Taylor got his start when he was in search of a particular color that didn’t exist—so he created it himself! This yarn dyeing workshop will take you through the ins and outs of choosing colors and the technical process of applying them. Learn the basics and a few advanced techniques for creating your own hand-dyed yarn or simply come along for the ride so you can deepen your appreciation!

Beth (2)

Beth Gorishek

Adaptive Knitting

There’s no one way to knit—and that’s especially true for anyone who has any kind of limitation, injury or disability. The great news is that if you can tie your shoes, you can learn (or re-learn) to knit! In this groundbreaking workshop, Knit Stars’ very own Beth Gorishek shines a light on how to make knitting accessible for all. Adaptation is its own form of creativity!


What you get inside...
The distinctive magic of Knit Stars!

10 x Intimate, immersive connections

Chelsea BTS

Each year, we scour the globe for the 10 most fascinating Stars. Then we take you directly to them, inside their personal studios, from New York to Hollywood to Iceland. You’ll feel like you get to know each of them on a truly intimate level, not just for what they do with their hands, but who they are as a whole human.

Bite sized learning with big results

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Even if all you do is watch, you’ll find your mind expanding like never before. Or go all the way and astonish your friends - and yourself! - with the one-of-a-kind pieces you can design and create. You own each workshop forever, and everything is broken up into manageable, bite-sized pieces you can return to again and again.

Watch anywhere, anytime on your favorite device

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Use the free Kajabi app to watch your favorite Knit Stars Masterclasses on the go on your mobile device. It’s super user-friendly and convenient! Also watch on desktop, table, or stream to your Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Firestick.

Here’s what other Knit Stars Owners have to say about the experience…

Here’s what Grace had to say…

“I compare Knit Stars to a really good travel guide book which has led me to places I’d never have discovered on my own. And like a guide book, I can refer to it time and time again. 

Each season had a least 2 instructors that made a huge difference to my knitting, and others who tweaked my interest enough to take a deeper dive from other sources…

I’ve taken online classes from some of the big shots. They were a great opportunity to take a class live from some of the big names, but the cheapest was still around $40/class, and it wasn’t recorded. Knit Stars is excellent value.”  

And Cheryl…

I always find tremendous value in each season. A weekend retreat with 1-2 presenters would easily cost 10x as much as one season of Knit Stars - so it’s an amazing bargain.” 

And Dianne…

“I *KNOW* that my knitting has improved exponentially. I could never afford to take classes at an LYS, where the class schedules rarely fit my schedule and I could not remember from one lesson to the next exactly how to do all that I had paid to learn. 

Knit Stars is a far better deal (really comparable price for WAY more than just one class, and I can watch at my leisure any time and many times).”

Our classes are private, just you and your screen and the world’s most intriguing Knit Stars, up close and personal. You own the videos so there’s no time limit. You decide which class to take in what order. Come back and watch them again and again, whenever you feel ready for the next step in your fiber arts journey.

Jeanette S.

East Sussex, England

"It's a beautiful opportunity to learn a lot of different techniques and the fact that you can learn at your own pace and refer back to it when you need to, that's a huge, huge draw because not everybody learns at the same speed."

Debbie L.

Anna, Texas

"Knitstars Masterclass is like sitting with friends who teach you great techniques and new ideas and just inspire you and give you confidence to tackle any project!"

Mary Apikos

New York, NY

I loved this season of knit stars. It's my first experience and it will not be my last. It is exactly the kind of inclusive intimate authentic conversation that we should be having every time we go to a knitting class or make something for somebody. I felt recognized I felt nourished and I felt grateful

Yarns and kitts curated by the Stars
The perfect companion to your Masterclass!

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Each Star cherry-picks their dream indie dyer to create a limited-edition kit that dovetails perfectly with their Knit Stars Masterclass!

As a part of your Season 8 ticket you get first dibs on these kits to purchase in addition to your season.


These are not available to purchase now. They will be made available to purchase in November 2023

Optional yarns and bags will go on sale exclusively for Season 8 enrollees and will ship in January 2024. There will also be a materials list so you can shop your stash, LYS or favorite dyer and cast on the projects in real time as each workshop drops starting November 1, 2023.

And... yes, a limited number are made and they do sell out which is why you will get priority option to purchase.

Offered in this year’s Yarn Sale are two exclusive Season 8 bags created just for Knit Stars by Joji + Co. There are limited quantities and the only chance to purchase one is if you’re enrolled in Season 8.


EXCLUSIVE Season 8 Joji + Co. Santa Cruz Bags!

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Offered in this year’s Yarn Sale is an EXCLUSIVE Season 8 Joji and Co. Santa Cruz Bag that you have the option to purchase. There are limited quantities and the only chance at one is to join Season 8!

This is not available to purchase now, however as a Season 8  member you have this option...

When you save your Season 8 seat before October 19, you'll also receive over $392 in these bonuses!

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BONUS #1 Live Q+As with the Stars!
(Value: $97)

We’ll hold two virtual events with the Stars right from their homes, so you can chat with them directly and ask any questions about their patterns and workshops. It’s always super fun and energizing!

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BONUS #2 Free Bonus Patterns from your Instructors
(Value $101)

Most Stars will provide new, exclusive patterns as part of their workshops. Be among the first in the world to make them, along with your Knit Stars friends. It’s a $100+ value in and of itself!

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BONUS #3 Access To Ultra-positive, global community
(Value $97)

Our private Knit Stars Facebook group is fun and on fire year-round! Make yarn friends around the world, get project ideas and insider tips on the best yarn stores to visit. You’ll see many of our current Stars and Star alums hanging around in there, too!

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Bonus #4! Access to our Knit Stars support team (Value $97)

We have got your back! Got questions as you immerse yourself in the experience or make your new masterpieces? Our team is here to help. This level of ongoing support isn’t available from in-person classes, YouTube, or in books!

Total Value of Bonuses $641

Today’s price $249

Knit Stars Season 8: Your yarn adventure awaits. Secure your spot now!

10x Intimate, immersive connections.

Chelsea BTS

Bite-sized learning with big results.


Watch anywhere, anytime on your device.


The excitement of watching together for the first time!

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Yarn Kits Curated by the Stars


Exclusive Season 8 Joji + Co. Santa Cruz Bag!


Live Q+As with the Stars!
(Value $97)


Free Bonus Patterns from your Instructors
(Value $101)


Membership to the Season 8 Community!
(Value $97)


Bonus #4!
Access to our Knit Stars support team
(Value $97)

Total Value $641 - Today $229

Season 8 Guarantee

We know life can sometimes get in the way of creating and learning. If you change your mind anytime before the first workshop drops on November 1, 2023, simply email to request a full refund of your Season 8 Masterclass purchase - no questions asked.

When you treat yourself to Knit Stars Season 8
you’re also doing good for the world!


With each premiere Knit Stars Season, we choose a way to give back.

This year, a portion of the sales from Season 8 will support Jonah's Hands Project in Ethiopia.

Through the organization Roots Ethiopia, Jonah and the fiber community have helped support children and families by fundraising to help deliver the power of education to students in rural Ethiopia.

Every donation to this campaign supports Jonah’s work with Roots Ethiopia. Roots Ethiopia is a registered non-profit.

Lucy Neatby

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