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Whether you're a beginner or you've been knitting for decades, get ready to learn, grown and connect more than you ever thought possible. Knit Stars takes you inside each Star's home studio, up close and personal, right from your living room. Each Season bring you 10+ all original masterclasses you can watch anytime and own forever.

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Nothing else can skyrocket your creativity quite like Knit Stars.

I learned to knit at age 16, started a production company at 24, and opened a yarn store at 35.

But as a knitter, I didn’t really know what was possible until my first in-person workshop, with Lucy Neatby. Then it hit me: “Every knitter deserves this experience!” And 6 years ago, Knit Stars was born.

We take you to each Star’s hometown, where you learn from the best in the intimacy of their own studios.

Each masterclass is equivalent to a 6-hour in-person workshop. Take them all at your own pace – you own them – and watch your skills and confidence grow by leaps and bounds. 

Fall in love with your knitting again. I promise it will change your life!



Watch anytime. Own it always.
There for you when you need it most!


When you buy a Knit Stars Season, it’s yours. The masterclasses + movies,

all online, at your fingertips – on your phone, tablet, desktop or even your TV.*

You own it all – so you can stream it, download it, refer to it again and again,

anytime you need inspiration or you’re ready to take the next step in your knitting journey.


Each Knit Stars Masterclass Season comes with special VIP access and bonuses:

  • Instant VIP access to our positive global community of 15,000+ lifelong learners
  • Each Star’s workshop comes with a bonus pattern – 13 patterns in all!
  • Live Q+A’s with the Stars wrap-up each Masterclass event
  • Exclusive optional yarns specially developed by each Star with their dyer partner

Join the fastest-growing movement in yarn! Six Seasons, 60+ Stars and 20,000 fans around the world...



Jeanette S.

East Sussex, England

"It's a beautiful opportunity to learn a lot of different techniques and the fact that you can learn at your own pace and refer back to it when you need to, that's a huge, huge draw because not everybody learns at the same speed."

Debbie L.

Anna, Texas

"Knitstars Masterclass is like sitting with friends who teach you great techniques and new ideas and just inspire you and give you confidence to tackle any project!"

Mary A.

New York, NY

"I feel like I’ve been given a treasure map. I am so inspired, comforted, and grateful for the diversity of the workshops… Each one of the workshops has given me insight into not just how to knit, but why I knit."

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