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Zero to First Scarf Luxury Kit with FREE Online Masterclass


Learn to knit - or give the gift of knitting - with this luxury all-in-one kit from the experts at Knit Stars! Includes everything you need to make your choice of three super-easy beginner patterns. 

Plus get instant access to our Knit Start online course that takes you step-by-step from first stitch to first scarf in less than one day!

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Includes everything you need to make your first scarf - and beyond!

We took our two decades of experience teaching new knitters and made the ultimate Starter Kit! Your kit includes:

  • 2 skeins of our exclusive Royal Alpaca / Silk luxe yarn in your choice of Natural, Tiffany Blue or Peachy Pink (value: $30)
  • 3 super-easy, beginner patterns* to choose from, each perfectly paired to your yarn (value: $20)
  • Circular knitting needles, ideal for beginners (value: $10)
  • Darning needles for weaving in your ends (value: $5)
  • BONUS: Pretty vegan leather Knit Stars tape measure (value: $15)
  • BONUS: TSA-approved scissors with point protector (value: $5)
  • BONUS: Set of 50 locking stitch markers (value: $10)
  • BONUS: Knit Stars open-handle project bag (value: $10)
  • SUPERBONUS: Instant Access to the Knit Start course (value: $39!)

*digital patterns are located in the masterclass as downloads.


Limited time special: Your kit comes with FREE instant, lifetime access to the Knit Start Masterclass! 

Knit Start, the leader in global knitting education has teamed up with two Hollywood friends to make learning to knit easy and fun. Master the basics and make quick, on-trend pieces you'll actually love to wear.

Meet Your Knit Start Instructors

Learn from 3 knitters at different stages of the journey. You’ll see that we all come to knitting in different ways, but share so much in common!


Shelley Brander

KNIT STARS FOUNDER 4+ decades knitting experience

17 years ago, after a successful career in branding and production, Shelley opened a local yarn store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That shop has since grown into Knit Stars, the global leader in knitting education. Shelley is on a mission to Knit the World Together.


Jeanne Tripplehorn

AMERICAN ACTRESSS Self-described "15-time beginner knitter"

Actor Jeanne Tripplehorn (Big Love, The Firm, The Gilded Age) has found - and re-found - her passion for knitting at different stages of life. She and Shelley met at the Tulsa yarn shop many years ago. They were thrilled to reunite and co-create Knit Start!


Lisa Giramonti

ARTIST, AUTHOR, DESIGNER Intermediate Knitter

A multi-media fiber artist, designer and author, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti has found direction and focus through the fiber arts. Her mantra, “Peace is every stitch” has helped her truly be present in the moment. She credits knitting for helping her through her darkest moments.


Set Yourself Up For Knitting Success

This is the easy and fun training we wish we’d had when we first started!


Knit Start was created to give beginners everything they need in one fun, crystal-clear package.

Learning a new skill can be challenging, but Knit Start takes the intimidation factor right out of it.

You’ll learn how to knit in a nurturing and accepting community atmosphere. No judgment. Just fun!

Learned to knit years ago, but need a Fresh Start? Come fill in the gaps and rediscover the knitting joy you’ve put on the shelf for too long.

Knit Start will help you refine your technique so you can take your projects from homemade to handmade, wear them out into the world and shine!

“These "basic" things took me years to learn, bit by bit, like wandering around in a fog. It would have been so great to have this when I started. And these are so well produced and interesting regardless!”

- Dee Dee

"I definitely would have wanted something like this 20 years ago when I was learning."

- Melissa

"I am not a novice knitter, but I still managed to accomplish two new things to me with the Debut Scarf from the Knit Start Class... there is always something new to learn!"

- Stephanie


This Workshop is Pure Fun ... and So Are These Patterns!

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This all-knit-stitch scarf is designed to help you perfect your knit stitch technique. It’s quick. It’s adaptable. And you’ll walk away with an on-trend, textural scarf you’ll love to wear



Quite possibly the quickest scarf you can ever make! The Bit Part is perfect for practicing your knit stitch, your purl stitch, or the combination seed stitch. Make one in under an hour. They make a great, chic gift!



Take the next step and learn to add shaping to your knitted pieces by increasing and decreasing. Inspired by a designer piece from Jeanne’s own wardrobe. After completing this, you’re ready for anything!


Unlock the Fiber Artist Inside You

You deserve to make time for your creative passion and learn from the best … and you can! Check out what beginners just like you have to say about Knit Start.

Knit Start Takes You Step-By-Step Through…



We’ll help you get set up for success with your first real project - something on-trend you’ll actually love to wear! We build on basics like how to:

• Choose simple, quality materials and tools
• Wind your yarn into a ball
• Cast on stitches



All Knit Start projects use just two basic stitches – knit and purl - and a combination of the two, called seed stitch.

Watch over our shoulders as we show you how to master each one while transparently addressing any obstacles you may encounter along the way so you can overcome (or avoid) common creative trauma triggers.



Next, you’ll learn to increase and decrease, so you’ll be set up to shape anything from a hat to a sweater and beyond!

Worried mistakes will sideline your progress? We’ll show you how to overcome inevitable oopses without giving up or breaking down.



We celebrate every mini-milestone together, from the first cast on to the final finishing touches like:

• Adding fringe
• Binding off
• Weaving in ends

When you’re done, you’ll be faster, more confident, and ready to take on any challenge!

Along the way, Knit Start instructors Shelley Brander, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Lisa Borgnes Giramonti will share the challenges and fears they faced on their own knitting journeys.

Watch, Learn, Make, Wear!

Get off to a great start (or fresh start) with Knit Start!



Knit Start includes 30 bite-size online video modules and 3 on-trend beginner patterns, all inside our private member’s site. It’s just you and your screen, up close and personal with your own personal Knit Start instructors.



You own the videos, so you can come back and watch them again and again, progressing at the speed that feels right to you.



Knit Start is your chance to learn how to create something you’ll be proud of as you’re seen and supported in a nurturing, creative community that celebrates with you every step of the way.



You’ll also have the chance to go behind the scenes for honest discussions about the vulnerability of starting a creative journey, the common speedbumps we all face along the way, and how to be prepared to overcome them!

Frequently-Asked Questions

If you only get one thing out oft this workshop …

Let it be confidence

Confidence that you're doing it right.

Confidence to take on any pattern.

Confidence to finish your projects, put them on, and walk out into the world, shining.