You are the star of your knitting.

Your art matters. You deserve to spend time with it. You deserve the good yarn! We’re here to help.

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It all began with a local yarn store.

Nearly two decades ago, while running a branding agency with her husband, Shelley Brander started an improbable “side hustle” and opened Loops, a modern yarn store in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ever since she learned to knit at age 16, Shelley was hooked – but lonely. She longed for like-minded fiber friends looking for softer yarns, trendier projects and more authentic connections.

Today, Loops has become Knit Stars, a 6,000+ sq ft creative emporium that’s at the forefront of the modern maker movement. Shelley and her “Loops Troops” are on a mission to Knit the World Together. 🌎❤️

Knit Stars Masterclass Events have raised the bar.

As a new yarn store owner, Shelley struggled to attract top-tier designers to come to her shop and teach. Finally, superstar designer Lucy Neatby said “yes!” and traveled from Nova Scotia to teach a workshop on double knitting. It was so transformative, Shelley dreamed of bringing the experience to knitters around the world.

Fast forward to 2016, and the first Knit Stars Masterclass event was born. Eight iconic designers, including Stephen West, taught comprehensive, all-online workshops – but with a twist! Drawing on her background in branding and production, Shelley sent a production team to film on location in each Star’s hometown, resulting in an intimate mini-documentary to go with each workshop.

Today, Knit Stars Masterclass has produced six “Seasons,” with more than 60 Stars around the world. Tens of thousands of yarn lovers from more than 50 countries have participated in these events – and counting!

The Club
that’s more than yarn.

We started our Club seven years ago to bring our unique in-store experience to online shoppers everywhere.

Instead of just sending yarn, we worked with indie dyers to create exclusive colors, and developed on-trend, effortless patterns to go with the yarn. We packaged it all up in special “blue bags” that would signal from far away that it was a happy mail day!

Today, Knit Stars Club sends thousands of very special, quarterly kits around the world each quarter. The yarns and patterns are created by the world’s leading Knit Stars.

But even more than the optional kits, the Club is about connection. It’s your day-in, day-out yarn community where you’ll find answers and inspiration whenever you need it. We’ll help you get organized, get clear, get help and get going! You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with the support of our ultra-positive community.

Join our mission.


Through our shared passion, we have an opportunity to break down barriers and make beautiful progress – as artists, and as global citizens. Join us in our mission to Knit the World Together

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