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As a new yarn store owner, Shelley struggled to attract top-tier teachers to travel to her shop. Finally, Lucy Neatby said “Yes!” And her workshop was so transformative, Shelley was convinced that every Yarnie deserved this kind of intimate learning experience.

So in 2016, the first Knit Stars Masterclass Season premiered!

Drawing on her background in storytelling and video production, Shelley and her award-winning crew travel to each Star’s hometown, filming a mini-documentary to go with each online workshop. The result is a Star-packed, super-learning event like no other.

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What other stars are saying

Jeanette S.

East Sussex, England

"It's a beautiful opportunity to learn a lot of different techniques and the fact that you can learn at your own pace and refer back to it when you need to, that's a huge, huge draw because not everybody learns at the same speed."

Debbie L.

Anna, Texas

"Knitstars Masterclass is like sitting with friends who teach you great techniques and new ideas and just inspire you and give you confidence to tackle any project!"

Mary A.

New York, NY

"I feel like I’ve been given a treasure map. I am so inspired, comforted, and grateful for the diversity of the workshops… Each one of the workshops has given me insight into not just how to knit, but why I knit."


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