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Andrea Mowry

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Jeanne K

Welcome to the most supportive group in the universe! I always start by watching all of the Lifestyle videos because I enjoy learning about the path that led them to the Yarniverse. It forms a connection between us. Enjoy your journey! 

- Jeanne

Ann U

“Thank you Yarniverse for the opportunity to come back to knitting after a very frustrating other experience of trying this beautiful craft!  Woo hoo!”

- Ash

Lynne Sloan Hazlett

"I live in the Rocky Mountains not far from Aspen, which I love :heart:. That means no LYS! I knit every day & love comparing notes with other knitters. That’s one of the reasons I joined Knit Stars Yarniverse, but the main reason is to have access to all the fabulous teachers."

- Lynn

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