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🧶Now he’s dancing with his fingers

We talk a lot around here about how yarn can change lives. We’ve seen it in action a million times over, in small ways and bigger ways. But this week’s story…well, this one hits differently. Yarn didn’t just change Thomas Gregory’s life. It saved it. Thomas Gregory (@gregorystitch) came to my awareness last year by…

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🧶What to do with those gauge squares

Visible Mending, directed by Samantha Moore, © BFI / MediaActive Projects 2023 I first met Lorna Hamilton Brown during Knit Stars Season 6. Often when we film our Knit Stars Masterclasses, we’ll arrange for another expert to be present on set with the Star, to provide an extra set of eyes and to act as…

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🧶Your shiny new Sunday yarns

Happy New Year and a happy new newsletter look for you, ! As promised, we’ve re-thought and renamed the newsletter I’ve written every week for the past 18 years. We’ll still be doing what I love most: telling stories and sharing curated project ideas from across the yarn world. But as we shift our focus…

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🧶The story of the cracked pot

Hi from somewhere in Nebraska, where we celebrated Thanksgiving with Hot Luke’s extended fam. Dear reader, I hope this email finds you rested and relaxing after a busy week. A couple weeks ago, after a particularly challenging hot yoga session where I had been a bit disappointed in my balance and “performance” that day, my…

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